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Our Facilities

Meeting Rooms

Entrepreneurship is in the air at Regenhub, and our Meeting Rooms make the perfect places for professionals. Designed with high privacy, decent meeting area, this option comes with our full range of administrative support. We aim in adding value for your business by helping to presents your profession with our meticulous design and detail-minded concerns on your needs.

White Office
Work Station

Private Office Spaces

We provide office spaces in consistency and quality. Users are 24/7 accessible with digital key cards. Clients enjoy professional community with furniture and equipment that delicately designed to fit CPA's needs. High-speed printers; high confidentiallity conference area; sufficient documentation storage; independent yet communal manager room for senior. We know CPA firms' need. Arrange visits to learn more about how unique is Regenhub business center.

Professional Hub Membership

Regular office space and meeting room users are invited to join our Professional Hub. With each of the professionals, we believe we grow a stronger community.

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