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Professional Hub

Workplace and branch for other business professionals

Business professionals choosing Regenhub workplace as office and/or branch are unified together to access all-rounded business growth facilities and support. We have more than thousand active business clients, building a strong demand for wide range of consultancy and integrated services. We invite prospects applicants to join our Business Professionals Bazaar.

Meeting the Staff

Employment agents

De Clement Limited
and more to be released.

Finance Consultancy

Financial advisors

TM International Consultant Company Limited (Kowloon branch)
and more to go...

Businessmen with Umbrellas

Insurance brokers

(To be released)

IT Consulting

IT Professionals

Wellink Computer Consultant Limited (Kowloon branch) and more to be released.


Legal professionals

(To be released)

TV Host

Media consultants

Trifinity Advertising & Marketing Limited (DM branch) 
and more to go...

Professional hub: Service
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