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Client Journey

Follow our way to have a first glimpse of your Regenhub Journey.   

Take the first step towards your great business.

Besides than conventional office spaces, we provide more, taking your business a step forward...

Office with Hanging Lights

I'm a business operator

Seeking caring CPAs and business consultants of various professions

  • Accounting services

  • Secretarial services

  • Tax consulting services

  • Other professionals like advertising, financial, human resource, legal etc.

Designer Desk with Notebook and Ruler

I'm a business professional

Seeking a hassle-free environment to serve my clients and discharge my works

  • Business center tailored for CPAs

  • CPAs' automation

  • Client pre-engagement services

  • Workplaces for other business consultants

Office Space

I'm a startup / co-working space user

Seeking efficiency business center and or co-working spaces services

  • Company formation

  • Co-working / office spaces

  • Meeting room

  • Register office 

Business center for accounting professionals

Regenhub business center helps to pave the way to success for your business, especially for CPAs and accounting professionals, with unique support and services.

Services: Feature


Serviced or Managed Offices

No matter it is a startup CPA firm of sole proprietorship or an established one with tens of auditors, we have total solution to host and support its business.   CPAs and accounting professionals who take advantage of Regenhub's workplaces services will likely to meet more prospects there.


Energetic and vibrant community

Regenhub encourages more communication on matters related to accounting professionals industry.   We will organize community events and activities like seminars, training courses, and whatever functions interested by the community.


Coordination between CPAs and their clients

It is cost ineffective for SMEs to employ qualified accountants themselves to keep proper books and accounts, and prepare financial statements therefrom. It is time-consuming for auditors to handle their clients’ accounting works before doing audits. Regenhub can relieve both the SMEs and CPA firms from their common burdens by handling accounting and related matters for them.

Business Formation and Maintenance

Business Registration, accounting and bookkeeping

Regenhub take cares your business starts up journey all the way through. We helps company in formation and up-keeping, from bank account opening, registration renewal to annual submissions etc. With us, your company maintain a registered office with professional accounting and bookkeeping services all the time.

Professional services thru members of Regenhub group

We are more than ordinary business center. Business Specialists from our Group

take care of you business needs.

Men with Calculator

Tax experts

Regentax Limited

Regentax is Regenhub's predecessor.   Its core business is tax advisory, investigation, disputes and litigations.   Its management and consulting team comprises fellow CPAs and tax advisers possessing brilliant tax academic achievements with solid working expertise.


Company Secretary

Regensec Limited

RegenSec Limited may act as registered company secretary for our clients.   As company secretary, it prepares and submits Annual Return, organizes Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and related matters.
RegenSec will also act as trustee and nominee.

Blue Print

CPAs' automation

cPartner Limited

cPartner is our tech company specialized in offering apps and solutions to CPAs and accounting firms for practice management.

Need more support?
We creates a hub, unifying bunches of business professionals.

Check out more on how do our Professional Hub helps with your business.

By working together, we grow stronger.

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