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Join our Professional Hub

Expand your community with the professionals

The professional hub has been created exclusively for specialists in different market fields like you, who passionate, highly proficient and motivated to refine on your professional field, with the belief that stronger community builds a greater business, that marks you out as creative, enterprising and go-getting.


Here, you can join our professional community, connected with experts who provides dedicated advices for your business maintenance. Here is where you unleash your business potential by allowinging yourself to pay full attention on your main business strengths. What is more, you are getting to be acquainted through our lively community, inputting your talents as one of ours, and further grow your business by grasping more opportunities.


Today, choose Rugenhub as your business center to be our natural hub member, or contact us for more details on the membership.


For more details of the Professional Hub Privileges, please visit the relevant pages in this website or contact 6638-3838 or 2789-6000. Meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, networking opportunities and, needless to say, snacks and drinks. We’re extremely proud of our creative residents, so why not join our community? Give us a call today to book your tour.

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